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Episode #2 - Music with a view - Take a walk on the wild side

Episode #1 - Music with a view - Society



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About MWAV

Music with a View…

 Is a group of friends adventuring the world on a quest to film the most absurd music videos, in some of the most beautiful places on earth. We drive, hike, climb, sweat, cry… and do whatever it takes to record our tunes on top. It’s a challenging but very rewarding project. 


I started filming myself playing music in Nature 2017, and that’s also when I found the name Music with a View. The Youtube Channel was created in 2019 and the project has been making lots of baby steps since then. 


In the Summer, of 2020, we stumbled upon this new concept…

It all started with a conversation in between Joey Sorris & David Pozay : “how rad would it be if you climbed a rock with a guitar on your back!” A couple months later, Pozay, Kasey and Riley went to film the first episode and the first ever Climbing/Recording Session of Music with a View (and for all we know, that the world has ever seen)


A year later, in August 2021, an official Music with a View Crew was born. The best group of friends we could’ve ever asked for; with 1 goal in mind : to reach new summit. We spent 4 days in the Eastern Sierras filming and adventuring; Hiked about 30 miles and rock climbed about 1200ft of vertical rock… oh and also carrying about 30 to 50 pounds of gear EACH (guitar, bass, drums, recording equipment, trad climbing equipment etc.) 

5 days & 4 videos later, we all drove back home, reflecting on all the challenges, the fun, the good times… & already daydreaming about our next adventures.


We're stoked to present you the 1st season of Music with a View featuring :

The Climbing & Music of Half Hour Late (David Pozay, Kasey Dring & Riley Dring)

The Filming, Stoked and Dedication of MWAV Film Crew (Joey Sorris, Danny Dyer, Sam Ingebritsen & Chris Ruel)

The Sweat Tears and Love of David Pozay on Production & Video Editing

Lots of adventures to come and we’re so happy to have you aboard. Thank you for your support. 



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