Music with a View

A short recapitulative video that showcases the history and evolution of Music with a View


Meet The Team

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to make the audience feel apart of the adventure and engaged with the content. With our concept, we want to showcase the fun that can be had outdoor, the beauty of nature, and ultimately, remind people of how crucial it is to protect our gorgeous planet. 


Long Story Short

MWAV started in 2017, but took a sharp turn when we filmed our first ever Climbing/Recording Session up on The Phantom Spire near South Lake Tahoe. From that moment on, we knew we had something very special and needed a solid plan. 


In the summer of 2021, an official Music with a View Crew was born.
Kasey and David spent weeks planning, and put together an expedition in the Eastern Sierra. Over a week, we adventured and record the first official Season of Music with a View :

5 days, 4 location, 4 songs …

  • ~30 miles of hiking

  • ~1500ft of vertical rock-climbing

  • Carrying all of our equipment up & down the mountain in a day each time
    (guitar, bass, drums, recording equipment, traditional climbing equipment etc.) 

“It’s a technical, physical AND mental challenge, but no words could really express the feeling we get when we’re up there, with our best friends, jamming on top of the world.”


After reflecting on everything that had happened on that trip, we finally felt like we had a really clear vision of what needed to be created. What we do involves so much adventure, and we thought it’d be interesting to showcase the technicalities, difficulties, as well as the colorful personalities of the humans involved. This is why we conceptualized the new MWAV with an “Episode & Season” formula :


Formula : ~ 3 seasons per year ~ (4-5 episodes per season)

(minimum of 1 videos per month/12 videos per year)

  • Each “Season” of Music with a View takes the viewer on a trip with the crew.

  • Each “Episode” of Music with a View is focused on a particular mission/adventure that ends with the recording of a song in an epic nature setting. 

We are currently editing the third episode of our first season and will announce a release date very soon.

You can watch our first two episodes on our Youtube channel :